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Need Instant WordPress Support? No worries you can count on us and
our expert developers will help you immediately to clean up your
Wordpress website

WordPress Malware Removal Service

Got your website hacked!! No worries, we can get it fixed immediately just in $79 only.
Our expert WordPress developer’s will help you to removes malicious / virus script from your WordPress website and clean it.

WordPress Malware Removal Service

We will do following things to Fix your WordPress website immediately:

  • Check entire file structure of your WordPress website and remove / repair infected files.
  • Remove all malicious code from core WordPress files.
  • Change file and folder permissions.
  • Guaranteed Clean Website within one day
  • Check Security Enhancements
  • Resubmit website to Google Webmaster

$ 99.00

$ 79.00

Here Are Some signs That Your Site Has Been Hacked.

WordPress Malware Removal Service
Fix WordPress Issues

Do you want to Fix WordPress Issue:

Don’t worry, It’s super easy and quick.

How We Help To Remove Malicious / Virus Script

Instant WordPress Help Remove Malicious/ Virus Script From

Your WordPress Website And Clean it.

Database Optimization & Cleanup

The database may contain a large amount of unwanted data, that increases the chance of attackers to harm your site. Our WordPress expert team will remove all the unwanted data and clean whole database.

WordPress Site Security Enhancements

Your WordPress files are the most easy medium to get hacked. Our WordPress team will ensure further security of you WordPress site. For this we will change your directory access permissions.

Blacklist Removal

Due to some of the harmful injections, your site can be blacklisted from the search engines. We will remove all these injections and allow visitors to visit your WordPress site.

File scanning

Our Instant WordPress Help team will run a step by step scan of all your website files to remove any infected files. This scan will also remove any malicious files that should not be on your site All infected files will be removed from the site.

Site Security, htaccess, Wp-config Audit

We will do a detailed Security Audit on your site to make sure there are no security holes on your WordPress site. Htaccess, Wp-config are mostly targeted files by hacker. Our team will do a detailed audit of these and make them secure.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

Here the attackers will attack your wp-login.php which may affect your server. This reduces traffic to your site and causes your WordPress site to have bad impression.


Let’s not make this complicated … Here’s Our Guarantee

Having any kind of questions or queries?
Do not hesitate! We love to talk. So connect with us,
our group are close by to help, advice and guide.

WordPress Update Service, Fix WordPress Issues

Having any kind of questions or queries?
Do not hesitate! We love to talk. So connect with us,
our group are close by to help, advice and guide.

instant wordpress help

Quick Support

INSTANT WP Help allows you to pay when your WordPress issues get fixed.


Work with the best WordPress expert support team around.