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WordPress maintenance

WordPress maintenance are important for Your Site?

WordPress maintenance are important for Your Site?

WordPress maintenance means make our WordPress website up to date. In WordPress maintenance include if site have any issues then fix it, add some content, or design some attractive layout. In WordPress there have more plugins are available. WordPress in maintenance mode then Instant WordPress Help provides 24/7 website edit option, website security, WordPress Speed Maintenance service, weekly updates, 24/7 monitoring, advanced support and many more support services.

Benefits of WordPress maintenance Service

  • 24/7 security, up-time, and fast response time on detected issue or error.
  • Security and WordPress speed maintenance provide or increase website visitors count with excellent site visit experience.
  • Timetable improvements likewise enable you to concentrate on your other work without having to continually worry about what more should be possible to your WordPress site.
  • Website info and layout will be fresh, which keeps Google and site visitors are happy with your site. Introducing standard updates enables you to depend on centre, module, and theme developers to give continuous help with keeping your site running great.
  • Regular backups protect your site every-time.
  • WordPress maintenance service is also beneficial for WordPress Speed Maintenance.

Some other WordPress maintenance tasks are –

If your website has more visitors and more content, then you need to do WordPress maintenance task in every 6 months.

Here some WordPress maintenance tasks have a look on that

1. Change your passwords –

Change your passwords every time. Changing password every time means security or protection from unauthorized access.  Always use strong password and unique password to your online accounts like your WordPress website, FTP accounts and databases.

There have 3 ways to reset your password –

Change Your Passwords      New Password

  1. Reset your WordPress site password through login screen.
  2. Reset WordPress password from your dashboard.
  3. Also reset password through phpMyAdmin.

WordPress security expert recommend change your WordPress site password, FTP password and database password regularly.

2. Take a complete backup of your WordPress website –

In WordPress maintenance Service take backup is important part. For take a backup there have plugins are available.

Backup Of Your WordPress Website

Backup is important part of WordPress Maintenance. Also few reasons are –

  • It’s not your web host’s responsibility to make backups accessible to you.
  • Putting away the first improvement site isn’t sufficient.
  • You should be prepared to respond rapidly.
  • Peace of mind.
  • It’s your secure your site against viruses.

3. Check and update all WordPress files –

Update All WordPress Files

For WordPress maintenance and support need to check and update WordPress files regularly. Always use latest versions of plugins and files. Use limited plugins but updated versions need to be use.

4. Test all your WordPress forms –

Test All Your WordPress Forms

For WordPress Speed Maintenance need to check all your forms contact form or registration forms or any types of form those are included on WordPress site. Also for forms there have many more plugins are available to make or create beautiful forms. Validation is important factor at the time of WordPress in Maintenance Mode.

5. Optimize your WordPress database –

WordPress maintenance and support

WordPress stores most information in your WordPress database. It contains all your important information/ content, remarks, clients, and settings.

Many times in our database store unnecessary information or content. This increase backup size and impact on uploading, downloading and restoring backups. So those impact on WordPress speed Maintenance. Upgrading your WordPress database enables you to tidy up mess and improve performance of database.

6. Fix 404 Errors –

Fix 404 Errors

In WordPress maintenance fix 404 errors this is important part for WordPress Speed Maintenance. 404 errors mean user requested for webpage and requested webpage not exist then shows 404 error. This is impact on speed optimization. This error is caused by users mistyped web address or this address is temporary available and then re-transfer this web-page to another web address.

7. Find and fix broken links –

Find & Fix Broken Links

Our WordPress website contains external links or internal links. Sometimes used link is moved to another location and not updated in site then occur broken link error. Or take poorly formatted link, broken image or misspell web link address then occur broken link issue. This bad user experience increase bounce rate.

Broken link is also part of WordPress maintenance or WordPress speed maintenance.

8. Optimize images for your WordPress site –

Optimize Images For Your Site

Images take more time for loading and increase loading time of WordPress site so need to optimize images. There have multiple tools are available to optimize images. Also plugins are available for that.

Also use proper alternative text or alt tag for images. Alt tag is beneficial for search engine crawler; Crawler can easily understand the name of image. Also user scrolling from image then shows the name i.e. alt text.

9. SEO audit and content –

SEO Audit And Content

Next thing you have to incorporate into your customary support errands is an exhaustive inside and out audit of your substance. This is the place the information from Google Search Console and Google Analytics comes in.

Google Analytics shows all data like from where visitors come from, which information or which web pages visited from visitors, your keywords and many more information we analysed through analytics. Then we improve those keyword or specific web page content and rank those specific webpage or keyword.

Also there are Yoast SEO plugin are available for SEO meta tags. In This plugin we build or add focus keyword, meta description and title for web page.

Also we improve content using update information, update latest images, improve internal and external linking’s.

10. Minify CSS and JavaScript’s –

Minify CSS & JavaScript’s

Need to Minify CSS and JavaScript’s to improve speed of WordPress site. There are many plugins are available for minify CSS and JavaScript’s.

Final Conclusion –

WordPress maintenance and support is important for any type of website. It is important to improve WordPress speed. Also we improve our clients using WordPress maintenance means we improve our bounce rate and improve search experience too.

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