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Are you satisfied with your hosting provider? If not, it’s time now to move your site.

WordPress Site Migration

Our Instant Developers will completely relocate your WordPress site to any place you like.

Endeavoring to move your WordPress site to another
host without the correct specialized learning and attitude can bring about critical
downtime and the likelihood of information misfortune
– two things you can stick manage.
Therefore, you ought to let our WordPress experts handle your turn.

$ 75.00$ 49.00

Move Your WordPress Website To Another Host

Moving of files

Are you willing to change your server or are you not happy with your hosting provider? No worries, we will help you to move all your files with backing up all the existing data to new host.

There are hundreds of migrations on our race, but you can trust us and our team to get the job done.

Moving of database

We know how important your data is and hence we do care for it. We assure that you won’t be loosing any of your data from your previous site. Before migration we will first backup your old database, so that the old data retains.

After this we will create new database on your new server or hosting. And then we will start the migration of old database to new database.


Once we are done with migration of database, our technical expert team will move to re-configuring your site such that it will now start pointing to your new database.

After completion of this we will review and approve your new site. And then you are all set to start with your new site.

Want to Update your wordpress site quickly !!

Don’t worry, it’s super easy…and quick..

Supercharge Your Website

Within just four steps you can get your wordpress site migration to the new host.

1 Backup Data: We make a backup of all your old site data.

2 Move all the files to new hosting provider.

3 Import the entire database to new hosting provider.

4 Some configuration changes and you were done.

Ecommerce setup


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our group are close by to help, advice and guide.

Having any kind of questions or queries?
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WordPress Maintenance Service

Quick Support

INSTANT WP Help allows you to pay when your WordPress issues get fixed.

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WordPress Site Migration


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