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To keep going with the world you need to get updated with each update. If you are not update, no worries..we are here for you!!

WordPress Update Service

Wordpress in one of the leading Content Management System(CMS) in market, that keeps on updating day by day.

wordpress update service

Upgrading is frequently the most effortless approach to stop from being focused by hackers. So get in touch with us today to discover more about our wordpress update service and to get the best of what WordPress offers to you.

Our WordPress Technical support will help you the update issues and do the update. This is all done with essentially no downtime, which means little or no disturbance for guests and no loss of lacking behind in ranking.

Here is what we do:

  • WordPress core update
  • WordPress theme update
  • WordPress plugin update
  • Complete Backup
$ 39.00$ 29.00

How it Works:

Complete Backup

Updates may cause loss of data from your WordPress site. To prevent this, we will first backup your entire site, so that you won't loose any of your data. This will Keep your site safe with no data loss. Once the updates are completed, we will make sure that the entire site works as it was working before the updates.

Wordpress Core Updates

We are here to keep you and your WordPress site updated. We can fix any issue that you are facing while updating WordPress or after updates. It is necessary to keep your WordPress site updated as hackers may take an advantage and enter your WordPress site. SO, its necessary that you are updates with WordPress Core Update service.

Wordpress Theme Updates

It's not just a theme, its your representation in market. To go hand in hand wit world, its necessary that you remain updated with theme. By remaining updated helps you with new features and designs. This will allows your WordPress site more visitors.

Wordpress Plugin Updates

Unlike themes, plugins manages the working of your site. Hence, to make your users an ease to access your site, it is necessary that your plugins are updated. Upgrading Plugins may cause some issues, which may cause your site to go down. But no worries, we can manage all this things for you.

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