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How to do Digital Marketing in 2020

How to do Digital Marketing in 2020?

How to do Digital Marketing in 2020?

The first thing is come forward to is you have to know what is marketing. Marketing is nothing but it is an art of selling or promoting your product and services with the help of advertising and research.
Nowadays There are two types of marketing techniques are going to use every business owner.

  • A. Traditional marketing
  • B. Digital marketing

In Traditional marketing you have face following problems

  • a. Can’t predict, measure or calculate the result.
  • b. High cost
  • c. Miss the Target audience
  • d. Can’t reach the Global Audience
  • e. Can’t provide 24*7 service

In digital marketing you have doesn’t face the more problems. And this technique gives more efficient than traditional marketing.

  • 1. Measure or calculate the result
  • 2. Low cost
  • 3. Reach the exact target audience
  • 4. Reach the global audience
  • 5. Provide 24*7 service from anywhere in the world

Digital marketing

In todays world there are all business are going to online. Not only big scale companies or businesses but also small businesses having their business online. All they are having their websites and they representing their business on various search engine like google, yahoo, Bing, etc.
Digital Marketing means selling or promoting your product and services online using mobile, desktop and laptop via internet. And all these things are depending on keywords. If you have or know the related keywords for your website, webpages and application then and then you will reach the right audience.

There are few techniques are available for online marketing.

1. SEO (search engine optimization)

Search engine optimization is a technique to rank your website and web pages on google. In that you can follow the google guidelines using index and rank your website or web pages on browser.
Types SEO

On page SEO Off page SEO
Keywords in header and footer backlink
keywords in title tag DA and PA
keywords in image (alt) Social media
one h1 tag on each page  
internal links and external links  

2. SEM (search engine marketing)

Search engine marketing is another technique of to rank your website but you should pay for google to show your site or pages in top of SERP. Google have AdWords for marketing on search engine and their partner websites or platforms.
We can create paid campaign for promoting using business and services on google using following goals

Goals Campaigns
  Search Display Shopping Video App
Website traffic          
Product and brand consideration          
Brand awareness and reach          
App promotion          
Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance You can create all these campaign under this goal. Always create campaign with goal

Types of campaigns

  • a. Search campaign (Text Ads)
  • b. Display campaign (Image Ads and Dynamic Ads)
  • c. Shopping campaign (E-commerce Products Ads)
  • d. Video campaign (YouTube Video)
  • e. App campaign (App Install)

Goals of champaign

3. SMO (social media optimization)

Social media is all about like, share, comment, followers, following, etc. You can post your products and services on different social media site like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. When you are posting some images, videos on social media you can also use the subject related hashtags (#). Mostly you can attach the 3-4 hashtags for each post.
Hashtag is a way to invite people to join your post. So, they can like your post and comment on your post and share that post.

4. SMM (social media marketing)

It is a paid way to reach your audience using social media. You can measure it using different tools. For social media marketing you should following steps

  • a. Social media account
  • b. Target audience
  • c. Budget
  • d. Creative ad or post
  • e. Related # tags

In social media their different types of objectives are available instead goals. In the Facebook there are 3 main categories or objectives are available for campaigns. Following table is shown that objectives and their sub objectives.

Awareness Consideration Conversion
Brand awareness Traffic Conversion
Reach App installs Product catalog sales
Video views
Lead generation Store visits

ASO (app store optimization)

If you have your business application put that application on play store. On that time, you can put keywords on title and description and put your application screen shots.

Do's And Dont's

5.ASO(app store optimization)

It is also paid type using this way you can reach more people. And if you have chosen right keywords for that application. Your application should be display on first for that keywords.

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