Shopify Vs WordPress SEO: Which Is Better?

Shopify and WordPress:

Shopify and WordPress both are popular platforms in the Digital world. Both are website building and marketing platforms, the comparison between them is interesting, you need to know it. Read all articles to know the key feature of the comparison. At the end of the comparison, you will get a better idea of both platforms. Let’s go through a quick overview of both platforms.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce and website-building platform on which anyone can sell their product. The founder of Shopify established the company because he realized the challenge of selling in today’s world.

Nowadays, Shopify has become a popular e-commerce platform. Whatever your business needs—digital store or in-store, Shopify will cover it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the popular websites building platforms. WordPress is used because the less programming part in that platform is also simple and easy to use.

Most websites are made in WordPress. Content management system (CMS) is given better performance to the website. For beginners, WordPress is the best option nowadays.

Shopify Vs WordPress SEO:

For Shopify SEO, you have the option to use the SEO plugin in the App store.

Shopify SEO is better than WordPress SEO because when creating a new page, it gives you the option to edit meta tags like the meta title and meta description.

But in Shopify, it is difficult to add meta descriptions in the main product page /collection page.

And also, difficult to add alt to the image in the backend need to take the help of the developer.


Shopify is an advanced e-commerce platform we recommend for which have the following factors:

– You have limited technical knowledge.

– You want to work on in details of tracking your product.

– You want an easy way to get an online store.

WordPress SEO:

For WordPress SEO, you have the option to tell Google about your business in the form of meta titles and meta descriptions by using the SEO plugin.

In WordPress, it is very easy to add metadata and meta tags on-site in less time. And also, alt tags are we can put in less time; adding from media option.


WordPress is the open-source platform we recommend for which have the following factors:

– You have some coding technical knowledge.

– You need to pay for a developer for the best site design.

– You want total control over the website’s customization.

WordPress comes in two forms- and is related to the blogging website builder and is self-hosted software and needed advanced technical knowledge.


SEO is the most important factor in the online competitive digital world. On page SEO is the base of any website. SEO optimization is very important for any website. You have any WordPress then visit our site.

For branding and making an online standard store, both platforms are best, but for E-Commerce store we recommend Shopify and for blogging & more technical strong website we recommend WordPress.



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